Antje Roggemann Medium

Autumn is for letting go and receiving

Like the trees that let go of their leaves right now, the energy of autumn supports releasing and letting go in our lives as well. Last year in September I had to step back and let go of everything I thought I was meant to be doing including this business. I suddenly had no idea what was to come. I felt my body release years of exhaustion and nervous system impulses that related to trauma behavior like survival and pushing forward. And at the same time I started receiving. Money, new people, space inside. At the end of this period the book “Is It Cool To Be An Angel?” emerged.

Right now I feel the same energy. I feel that I am releasing fears and a lot of mind chatter. At the same time I am receiving money, opportunities, new things for our home.

So allow yourself to let go of what no longer serves you. You don’t need to do that actively. If you give yourself time and space to just hang around and be bored, your body, mind and soul will know what to discard. Just let it happen. And be open to receiving. Again, that’s not something to do. You need to just be. You need to be open space that can be entered by new ideas, emotions, people, experiences. Just be and be grateful for what has happened in the past year. Look back and acknowledge. This time is great to do that.

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