Antje Roggemann Medium

Musings On People’s Resistance To Change

I am getting messages nearly daily from people who ask me for help. They tell me that they’ve lost their job, are looking for the perfect husband and home or have all sorts of health issues and emotional issues.

I usually connect with the Angels and then answer with the guidance they have been asking for. Or at least so I thought. This often involves guidance to take one of my courses to change their life or to ask their Guardian Angels for direct guidance with a Guardian Angel Channeling, because I’m not the one who knows but the Guardian Angels do.

Then it gets interesting. I receive answers like “I don’t have money”, “I have had no job since …”, “I’m waiting for the perfect courses”, “I am allowing myself to stay in that space for as long as I need to”.

Okay. Why then bother asking me for help? If you don’t really want to change. And those answers say exactly that. “Oh, thank you. I thought YOU could fix my life. If YOU can’t do that, I just keep it. I don’t really want change. I don’t really want to do anything.”


You’re not here to ask other people to change your life. If there’s anything in your life that you don’t like, that’s a sure fire sign from the universe that YOU HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING. No one else. YOU!!!

And change involves ACTION of any kind. Not passivity. ACTION.

So please, if you message me to ask for help, be prepared to ACT on my guidance. If you don’t want that, don’t message me. You are using my precious time and resources. I am not your always available free guide. I put out enough free resources. If you have no money and don’t want to change anything, please refrain from messaging me.

I have a life of my own. I got to where I am now, because I changed EVERYTHING in my life. I am here to teach you exactly that. If you don’t want that, you are in the wrong place with me.

Oh, and by the way, do you know that your financial problems, health problems and emotional problems are symptoms of your soul guiding you to change? In case you didn’t get that message yet. Your soul is guiding you to do exactly that what you don’t want.

And guess what, as soon as you stop resisting and start taking steps, your life will change.

I am here to share my experience and my wisdom. I am here to teach you. And it’s not my wisdom anyway. I have handed my life over to God in 2012 and recently my business. So it’s God’s life and God’s business and I am delivering messages from God, Angels and your Guardian Angels and their services. If you want their help and are willing to pay and take action, contact me. If you only want to complain, don’t message me.


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