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Why is Energy Clearing important and What does it do?

Over the course of a day and over the course of your life you accumulate energies in your energy field, in your body and in your life that are not yours and not for your highest good and wellbeing. Those energies create a resonance field and attract more energies that are alike.

Examples of those energies are:

  • Physical belongings that you have been gifted from others or bought yourself
  • Digital data such as photos, emails, data files
  • Beliefs that you created yourself or took on from society, behaviour patterns, emotional pain, fears, anger, resentment, emotional trauma
  • Inherited beliefs, behaviour patterns and family trauma
  • Relationships and friendships
  • Past life karma
  • Physical toxins in your body

If you keep those energies in your field, body and life, they create distortion in what you attract into your life. They also act like a bumper not letting anything new in. Because if the room of your field, body and life is filled with old shit, there’s no space for new energies, abundance and experiences and people to enter.

You have to make room for that.

If you want to feel better, move the energies in your life.

If you want change, move out old energies from your life.

If you want more abundance and new experiences, get rid of the old and make way for the new.

When you let go of old physical belongings and energies in your field and body that don’t serve you anymore, you get the stuck energies in your life moving again. You create a vacuum in your life and field and body that the universe can fill with new healthy loving things and experiences and people. You create space for abundance to come in.

I invite you to do a HUGE Clear Out in your Life with the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course.

You find detailed course information here:

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

I look forward to welcoming you in the course.

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