Antje Roggemann Medium

Leaving My Country To Find Balance

In November it became clear to me that I was nearing the end of a 5 year phase of transitioning from a separation into having built a new life and business and financial self-sufficiency. I even suddenly had my wish granted of having my own flat after the flat share ended and I was in the flat on my own.

I felt that I needed the space and empty space and at the same time it was challenging for me at first to expand my energy. I was very grateful to be in my own energy finally after flat sharing for 5 years. But it was also demanding financially. I also noticed that after nearly 14 months of nonstop expansion with the business and finances, I felt tired.

On top of that, the escalating fear in media and government, the constant screaming out of one illusion after the other, the repeated withdrawing of personal freedoms has put a weight on me that I realized I don’t want to carry anymore. I know that this is a process of karma release and a massive release of illusions and behaviors that need to come up first before they go. But I don’t need to be in it.

I received guidance to leave the country and stay in Corfu for a while. I have been missing the ocean since I left the Baltic Sea. I am craving peace, calmness, quiet, a connection to nature and nature beings, and more equanimous people. I am connected with a client who lives on Corfu and I’m planning a 2 week visit in January 2022 with the intention to connect with the place and people and find a place for me to stay longer. Archangel Michael, who’s leyline goes through Corfu keeps reassuring me that I am safe there.

This is a very abrupt change that I didn’t see coming. And so I have changed my priorities and started to change my life and prepare for the adventure. Over the weekend I found one new subtenant. I will look for another one. This way I am taking financial burden off of me and can invest the money into travel and a place to stay on Corfu.

My mind is like “How can you say that, if you have never been there?” Yet a Healing Session I did for myself made it very clear to me that Germany has become an energy vampire for me. It is taking more of my energy than it is giving back on all levels. And I have a very clear feeling that I need to stay outside of Germany in a calm, quiet, peaceful and beautiful place for not just weeks, but months, if not a year or more to recover mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and financially. I have understood that it is not self-loving, if I stay and that I am allowed to feel good while I help others with my work.

Due to trauma from the past of having to give up several homes without a choice and release everything, I am unable to do that right now. For now I will keep the few things that I have here as well as the two rooms I had in the flat since last year. That way I can also stay here in between, if I feel I want to. And in any case, the trauma gets a chance to heal and release.

This is not a fairytale right now. Uprooting myself, bringing new people into this home, organizing a new EU drivers license and health insurance for travel is really challenging right now. Not to mention that I haven’t been flying for 10 years. This alone is cause for overwhelm. But thankfully I have people who have already moved themselves into other countries who are helping me with information and experiences. And I’m grateful for that.

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