Antje Roggemann Medium

Angel Signs and Synchronicities

This week has been full of signs and synchronicities. On Monday morning I watched @rachelscoltockangelmedium ‘s weekly reading. What came up and stood out to me was the outcome card with Archangel Ariel, the Archangel of Abundance. The card was 11 Strength. And Rachel mentioned that we could be seeing 11’s or 111. That’s not a number I see too often.

Lo and behold a few hours later I check online with my divine counterpart and he has been last online at 11:11. That rarely happens. I smiled and immediately in my mind saw the Archangel Ariel card from the morning. 

Then during the week when I was on walks I suddenly started seeing 11, 111 or even 1111 on number plates. And I took note.

I was aware that Rachel was offering a webinar on Friday called “Abundance Creation with Archangel Ariel”. I had a look at it and asked the Angels whether I should book it, because I felt that it could be helpful for me right now. They said No. So I let it go.

On Thursday I had a day without client sessions. I woke up with old financial fears, namely the fear that August / September 2019 when I had to go back to the state agency for state support would repeat this year. I went food shopping in the morning. When I came back home and went online on Instagram, I saw an IG Live from Rachel pop up. Now I found that odd, because she usually does her Live on Mondays. So it caught my attention and I watched it. And in that Live she mentioned that she was giving away a place in her Friday webinar within the next 2 hours and if one wanted to join, one should leave a pink heart and a comment saying “I’d like to join.” I am not someone who goes gift hunting on Instagram, but with this one I felt a nudge to write a comment and I did. I went food shopping again and when I came back I had a DM from Rachel that I could join the webinar. I just thought “Wow. Thank you.” and felt divine intervention and I feel I needed that feeling.

I knew immediately that I would attend the webinar live, even though for me it was at 2am. And I did. It was really, really, really good. I had limiting beliefs come up, old memories that created stress regarding finances that I would not have thought of and I got very clear on what I wanted to receive. The guided meditations in the webinar were amazing and I felt cleared and tired afterwards and slept well.

In the webinar Rachel mentioned seeing 8’s as signs for Ariel and abundance and I have that fairly often. But yesterday evening I went for a walk and passed a car with 8888 on the number plate. That’s rare and it felt like a sign and I smiled.

This morning I saw a different Archangel Ariel post on Instagram with an Angel cloud and I didn’t say anything, but I thought somewhere in the back of my mind that I haven’t seen one for a while.

Fast forward to my walk this evening where I didn’t just see one Angel cloud. I saw one and then right next to it another Angel cloud with a baby Angel cloud. It felt like I had gotten a sign, even if I didn’t properly ask.

And right now while I look at my phone, I see 88% battery and I laugh. 🤣

Do I know what will happen? No.

Do I feel Angel support? Yes, a lot.

Do I have a Full Moon hangover? Absolutely. I’m super tired all day. And with the Moon being in Aquarius, I feel super detached and have no feeling of feels right or not right and will have to wait with especially one decision of releasing or not releasing.

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