Antje Roggemann Medium

Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child is the part of you that was and still is a child. It’s an inner part today. It’s the part of you that has been wounded, often many times, and carries trauma. No one came out of childhood without trauma. Trauma are events and emotions that the child was unable to process. And because children are generally unable to process emotions until the age of 8 without the support of an emotionally mature and safe adult and most people did not have that support, many people carry a lot of childhood trauma.

That trauma is being replayed over and over. That means you are attracting the same situations and similar people like the ones that caused the trauma. This is for the sole purpose of becoming aware of it, feeling it and by doing so releasing it.

You always have the chance to heal your inner child and your childhood trauma. Just become aware of it. If you feel that you simply react in a situation or feel uncomfortable and don’t know why and the same situation repeats again and again, ask the question “When did I feel this feeling for the first time in this life up until the age of 8?” and let your subconscious bring up the answer. Feel the feelings. Feel what the child felt. You can give the child a hug, if that feels right. You can go into that scene and do what you would love to do for that child. That’s how you heal the child.

The Inner Child stays active in you til today. It’s the part that wants to play and have fun. It’s important to listen to your inner child and bring things into your daily life that fulfill the Inner Child’s needs. That creates a balance in your life and also helps to heal past experiences.


Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols can also be used to heal and release childhood trauma. If you are interested to book yours, go to this page on my website:

Healing Sessions

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