Antje Roggemann Medium

Collective Healing Session for Pandemic Fatigue

This is a Healing Session with Angel Symbols for the collective for the topic of pandemic fatigue which many people are experiencing right now. I have prepared this Collective Healing Session the same way I would prepare a Healing Session for you personally as a client. The Symbols used are Angel Symbols by Ingrid Auer.

Many people right now are feeling unnerved by lockdowns and prohibitions. Others are sick or fearing for the lives of sick loved ones. Others fear to loose their business due to having to shut it in lockdown. People have lost their jobs and income and rely on financial support. Parents feel overwhelmed by homeschooling their kids. Kids miss their friends. People miss to meet with others, hug each other, be near each other. Anger, overwhelm, helplessness are up in the air right now worldwide.

In this Healing Session the Angels help to understand the meaning of the current events and give you some guidance.

Remember, a Channeling is never just words. It’s always an energy transmission.



Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions

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