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Born by c-section before due date & Consequences for the adult today

This case shows very clearly how a cesarean birth has consequences for the child and later adult and examples of those consequences. But it also shows that there’s a reason in mother and child when a c-section happens.

In this case the client (now an adult) as a baby was lying the wrong way in the womb and was delivered by cesarean section before the due date, because the mother worked at the hospital and her best friend, who was supposed to be the midwife, was on duty only a few days before the due date.

Currently the client in her adult life is experiencing a multitude of symptoms that all stem from the c-section. Some of them are: she keeps gaining weight which started a few weeks ago, people around her telling her what they think she should do with her life, her soul jumps out of the body and the client feels herself being pulled upwards and with her clairvoyance she sees her body standing next to her, problems with setting boundaries.

What happened during the c-section is as follows:

The client was delivered too early. She wasn’t ready yet. She also wasn’t yet in the body. That only happens during the birth. But she didn’t have one. Contrary to popular belief, the baby’s soul is not in its body during the pregnancy. The soul moves in and out and only enters right before or during birth. And it can take days, months, even years to fully come into the body.

So it was decided about the client from the outside, by others. But of course this  happened because that’s also the client’s topic, letting others decide about her. That’s a topic she brought with her from past lives. So now she can let go of that. We release that.

The client at the c-section birth was taken by surprise and pushed or pulled, so to speak. The current energies, the high solar activity which she is sensitive to and which she cannot escape from, trigger the topic of feeling at the mercy of others which stems from the c-section. That’s why it’s important that she now learns to make her own decisions and to feel when it’s the right time for whatever she’s doing and also let’s go of pushing herself.

And the soul can now come into the body and anchor itself there completely and stay there. The c-section obviously caused chaos because she missed the birth process. The Angels suggest that she does a ritual for herself and her soul in which she invites the soul into the body for this life and anchors it there, so that she simulates the birth process in a ritual, so to speak, but this time in such a way that the soul enters the body well and is anchored there.

The client now gets the chance and task to transform the topic of “feeling at the mercy of others” into “I take the wheel. I have the power and the strength. I make the decisions.” She also needs to teach her body and soul to act differently and to stay together with the help of Archangel Uriel who helps to keep body and soul together and grounded here on earth. This might also help the body to release the weight again that it currently tries to use to keep her grounded.

The Angels Loriel, the 7 Emergency Helpers, showed up as well to release the trauma and the shock of the cesarean birth, because up until now this trauma stops all the other topics from healing. The shock and the trauma needs to be released, so that all that was caused by the c-section can heal and release too.


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