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Earthbound Spirit Removal 2nd time

This client had already received a Life Clearing Session in November 2023 where we removed 4 earthbound spirits from her great grandfather and 3 war comrades. Back then we also did a healing for the whole family and cut their cords to the topic of war.

Interestingly this topic showed up again in this second Life Clearing Session. Alaya had recently seen that the client had taken on new earthbound spirits. And we let her know. This happened after contact with family. I suggested that if she books another Life Clearing Session to consciously invite more spirits and earthbound spirits from her family to move into her energy field if they wanted help. She agreed to do that.

When we tested at the beginning of the session, the test only showed one earthbound spirit. That was irritating, because I knew that there had been more. So, I asked if that one earthbound spirit was covering up the others and the answer was Yes. There’s always something new in every session and this was new. We also tested 1 spirit, several elementals and 1 reptile being.

We started with transitioning the predominant earthbound spirit into the light. And after that, voilà, we were able to test 2 more earthbound spirits. We also transitioned them into the light.

After that we moved on to removing the spirit of the grandfather’s brother who had died during WWII in Poland and his body likely ended up in a mass grave. In this case it was obvious that he needed some healing for the trauma he had endured during the war. He received what he needed and was then released from the energy field.

Interestingly while treating him, Alaya saw pictures of the client in a past life in a war outfit as a woman. We asked whether we were meant to do anything with that information and the answer was Yes.

So, first we finished off the removal of beings by releasing the reptile being from the client’s energy field.

We then asked about the client’s involvement in war in past lives and tested how this showed up in this life. And that’s where it gets interesting, because the issues that the client had reported from recent weeks and months turned out to be caused by this past life. She had been a Commander in Chief in war. So, she was used to exerting power over others, being in control. In this life it showed up as her trying to manage everything in her life in her mind, trying to control life. So, we had to release the need for power. After that we tested that she had energetic residue of war trophies for conquering others in her energy field. We released both the energetic residue of the trophies and the pattern of conquering others.

In the end she received the Master essence Djwal Khul for taking her life in her own hands. In that moment I understood why taking action was what I had been missing in her descriptions and life. Because in this past life she was used to commanding others and not taking action herself. Now that we have released that, she is free of only being in her mind and can now take actions.

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