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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 32 – Guidance Angels

Today’s interview is with the Guidance Angels who you can call on for any kind of guidance you need. They might give that guidance themselves or call in other Angels who have their specialty in the area you are asking about.

Me: “Thank you, Guidance Angels, for your willingness to be interviewed today.”

Guidance Angels: “You’re welcome. We love to shed light on who we are and what is cool about being Angels.”

Me: “Well, that already answered the question, but I still ask it. Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Guidance Angels: “Yes, it is cool. We get to help so many people and that is just simply cool. Well, you may not know much about us yet or you think ‘I thought every Angel gives guidance’. Yes, most of them do. So why are we here? What do we do?”

“We are here to answer prayer requests or calls for help that are not specifically directed at certain Angels. We come to help, even if you or someone just calls for help without asking for Angels or having them in mind. We will surround you with our energy and try to direct you to the right direction or help or self-help book or Angel author. We are often at the beginning of people’s Angel journey without anyone knowing that.”

Me: “Wow. That’s fascinating. I had no idea about that and until one or two weeks ago I had no idea that you exist. But I assume you have been at the beginning of my journey as well. Wow.”

“Is there anything you would like to add about why it is cool to be an Angel?”

Guidance Angels: “First of all, yes, we have been at the beginning of your journey as well. Second, being Angels in our case is cool, because we get to guide and witness people’s journey from knowing nothing or only little about Angels, having no or only little connection and contacts with Angels to getting to know them all and feeling connected and guided and actively working with them. This is a life transforming process and it is beautiful to watch and to be the guide for it.”

Me: “That sounds beautiful to me as well. Can we call on you or do you appear on your own?”

Guidance Angels: “Both. As I said before, we often appear on our own when no specific Angel is adressed and we then might call in other Angels, Archangels or even Ascended Masters. But you can also call on us when you need any guidance. Again, if there are specialised Angels for your request, we call them in or guide you to them. But we also might just give you the guidance you need in that moment.”

Me: “Why would I ask you and not my Guardian Angels?”

Guidance Angels: “You can also ask your Guardian Angels. It doesn’t matter. They can also call in whoever Angel you need. It’s not about either or. Rather about us being another group of Angels that you can ask for help and you choose what you resonate with in any given moment.”

Me: “Oh, that’s good. Thank you. Would you like to add anything?”

Guidance Angels: “No, we’ve covered all we wanted to share. Maybe just another reminder that you can call on us and we are here to help.”

Me: “Thank you very much for being with us today.”

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