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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 27 – Archangel Raziel

Today’s interview is with Archangel Raziel who helps us to understand spiritual truth and information we receive from other realms. He also helps us to manifest our intentions and to trust and understand our clairvoyance.

Me: “Thank you, Archangel Raziel, for giving this interview today.”

Archangel Raziel: “You are welcome. I love to support all humans as best I can and this is a great chance to do that.”

Me: “Archangel Raziel, is it cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Raziel: “Yes, it is cool. I love to use my perspective and energy to help people understand who they truly are – spiritual beings in  a human body who never die but only change their form and have unlimited potential. I help people to step into their power and manifest their intentions by putting their guidance into action.”

“You can call on me also when you want to develop your clairvoyance and understand the visions and dreams and pictures you are receiving. I will also help you see that there is love everywhere and that it is important to focus on the positive things in life. You are a lightpost for others.”

Me: “Thank you, Archangel Raziel, for giving us this information. Is there anything else you would like to add about why it is cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Raziel: “It is cool, because I can help people with my energy to go through development stages easier, to learn with ease and much faster than without angelic help. It is cool to simply wrap people in my energy when they ask me to and see them transform. I love to help and support. So please call on me.”

Me: ” Thank you so much for this interview.”

Archangel Raziel: “You’re welcome. Thank you for the opportunity.”

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