Antje Roggemann Medium

Angel number 22, 222, 2222

For me Angel number 22 is always a sign regarding my twinflame/sacred union counterpart. We were connected energetically by the Angels on the 22nd of a month. We were not in physical contact then, even though we knew each other from years before. At that time I had no idea about the twinflame/sacred union journey. Since that day I often see signs regarding him on the clock like 16:22 or we also often met in the first year of being reconnected on the 22nd of a month.

Angel number 22, 222, 2222 also speak about building a solid foundation which is usually a prerequisite of any twinflame/sacred union connection. You have to build your own solid foundation in your own life before a connection can become a physical relationship. And often building the connection takes time, because it is meant to be a solid one. That takes a lot of patience and releasing the ego’s agenda, ideas, expectations and surrendering the whole relationship to God and the Angels. It took me 4 years to get to that point where I am at peace today with just letting it unfold as it does. One year separation was the challenge it took to really let it go.

I do offer Healing Sessions for Twinflame/Sacred Union Partners.

Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols are used to help you release the fears, attachments, controlling behaviors and fixations of the mind on the twinflame /sacred union partner. They are also being used to release any old trauma, i.e. childhood and past life trauma, any emotional, mental, even physical issues that have been resistant to healing.

Angel Symbols are cards that are energised by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Saints. Angel Symbols show the topics behind seeming blockages in your life and what’s going on right now. They also clear blockages in the energy field, DNA, morphogenetic field and transform negative energies into positive ones. They help on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and can ease transformation processes.

How does a Healing Session work?

You tell me what’s going on. I prepare the session in advance asking 5 questions, pulling a card for them, writing out the topics they show coming up for you and channeling guidance for you (what you need to do, to focus on).

We then have a 1 hour live chat. In this chat I go through what I have prepared with you, show you the symbols, talk about the guidance. You can ask questions, see what comes up. We might receive extra guidance during the session. Afterwards I will send you the whole information as an email, so that you can work with that for the next 21 days. Then we would have the next session.

For 21 days the Angel Symbols I have pulled will be put on your name and birthday, so that they work with you in your energy field and help release what’s due for release and help you create new behaviors.

21 days is the amount of time that the brain needs to create new neuropathways. You need to release something and/or train  something new for at least 21 days consistently to get the brain to form a new neural pathway and don’t use the old ones anymore. That’s why I usually do the sessions 21 days apart from each other.

Before the next session I would then text you and ask what has happened and what’s coming up now and use that information to prepare the next session. Because healing and growth happens in layers and when you have released one thing, the next can come up.

One Healing Session

99 Euro (1 hour)
Payment link Single Session:

Package of 3 Healing Sessions

277 Euro (instead of 297 Euro)
Payment link Package:

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