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Channeled Meditation “Releasing 2020 & Welcoming 2021” on 07.01.2021


Channeled Meditation 

“Releasing 2020 & Welcoming 2021”

on January 7, 2021


The meditation will be:

? Lady Portia & her twinflame Saint Germain walking you through a release of everything 2020 brought you.

? The Divine Director and Djwal Khul guiding you through an opening and welcoming to everything 2021 will bring you.

As always this is an energy transmission. It includes a powerful clearing of your auric field.

You can register for the meditation.

Price: 11,11 Euro

REGISTER NOW with this Payment link:

Choose Euro as currency when you pay.

The meditation will be recorded. I channel it on January 7. You get the link to the video via email on January 7.

It is important that you drink lots of water during that day, before and after the meditation to help your body flush out any toxins and old energies. Also rest when you need to.


Reviews Channeled Meditation 21.12.2020

“Antje’s solstice meditation has been my first encounter with her magic. I immmediately vibed with her calm, soothing and kind energy. It’s been easy to connect with her guidance and follow her through. The meditation had a huge relieving effect on me and left me with a sense of peace and silent empowerment. I will definitely go back to it again. I’m glad having found Antje and look forward to participate more in her beautiful work! Thank you so much!”


“The first time I did this yesterday was interesting. My day (12/21) started very odd. I woke with a very heavy head and was over emotional and sentimental about everything. I felt so much anger releasing, yet so much love that I had to patch up to connect with my soul. The day felt slow and dragged on, as if I was grieving, yet I have everything to be grateful for. I was really out of my usual self.

So I drank lots of water, had a nice warm shower, used my favorite moisturizer and got myself organized to really sit and meditate.

As I started, I remember hearing alot in your voice and well I closed my eyes and I was transported. The whole time I thought I was still listening to you and your voice. It was in the background but I had fallen asleep and I woke up more than 30mins later and I was really surprised because the YouTube clip had ended quite sometime ago yet I remember hearing words before I woke.

I woke up feeling still tired but more energized and very thirsty. I made sure I kept drinking lots of water. I made time for myself to do my workout in the evening and then as you said, I just listened to my body and took it easy.

Well I slept like a baby last night and woke feeling very fresh and energized. Today I feel much lighter. Today my head feels clearer.

So I sat and did this meditation again. The first part took me to another place and I sensed the anchoring and heaviness in my body. So much to release. When you asked us to come back to present it took me some time to acquaint  myself to my surroundings.

The healing transmission which followed felt so light and airy. I couldn’t stop smiling and my heart started racing with excitement for a new beginning. A fresh start of 2021. Again coming back to present was an experience.

Right now I feel light. I feel happy. I feel warm. I sense I still need to work on clearing my heart Chakra.

On Sunday when my energy was so low, I sat with my son and your book and asked which archangel or angel could come forward to help me release my energy and cleanse me. Closed my eyes and opened the book, I was presented with Archangel Michael and I read this interview to my son before his bedtime.”


“I have just finished your great conjunction meditation. I feel much lighter! I really liked the technique to ground myself to the earth and also the heavens. I feel like much negativity has been washed away from me, and that is great! Powerful meditation. Thank you so much for doing this!”

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