Antje Roggemann Medium

Angel number 44, 444, 4444

I am starting to write this at 16:44.

Angel number 44 is the Angels telling you that they are with you. It can also be the Angels telling you that they want you to listen, because they have a special message for you. It can be a sign of encouragement appearing in a challenging situation for you or the answer to a question that you just had in your mind.

I became 44 last year and I kept seeing 44 a lot before and after my birthday. That’s a special Angel sign for the occasion.

44 is often one of the numbers together with 11 or 11:11 that people start to see when they become aware that there is more to life than the physical world. Angels are using those numbers to guide you, make you curious and get you to dive deeper into the new that is revealing itself to you.

Angel number 44, 444, 4444 can show up for you when you start working with Angels, inviting them to help you which you have to do, even though I feel they are doing that, no matter what, working in the background with and through your Guardian Angels.

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