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Thoughts on building an authentic spiritual business online

There’s currently a trend going on and has been for a while to build online businesses and spiritual online businesses. And there’s a habit or thread that I have watched and observed in a lot of them over the past 8 months.

Wanting to build a spiritual online business myself, I have attended loads of webinars on how to do it and what tools to use. After a while I noticed the content is repeating. I also noticed resistance in myself coming up towards a lot of it. Why?

One thing is, if someone tells me, I have to do something this way or else it will not work or be difficult or hard or whatever, my build-in observer automatically recognises a limiting belief that I do not want to entertain. My gut or intuition also recognises that someone is putting out a recipe that he/she thinks is going to work for everyone. This in itself is total BS.

Creating an online business for me isn’t something I want to do to simply earn money. That’s not what I’m here for. I want to help people with my own experience and abilities to find their unique way of being and living. That means I have to walk that path myself first. And that’s what I do right now regarding my spiritual online business.

It is a way of living. I am creating a new life for me. That means I have to be authentic and stick to my values and the vision of the world that I want to help create. Which is frankly spoken far away from what I see around me and often online as well.

In my world there are no schools children are forced to attend. They can be free and grow up and learn the way they want to. In my world there is no “healthcare system” that I call “sickness system”. Instead people are self-responsible, following their souls callings and healers who help, if needed. In my world there are communities people live in, no single households. There is no consumerism, no excess use of energy and resources just to produce some BS that nobody really needs. In my world there’s love, kindness and support and people know why they are here on this planet. In the current world I don’t know many who do.

To create an authentic online business I have to take all these into account. I cannot just simply follow some recipes, create some courses that no one really needs and that don’t even resonate with me. I have to get to know myself. I have to know why I am here and what I can really teach others that helps or what I can share. And so for myself I find that I cannot follow most of the recipes and how-to’s. And that means I have to give myself time to find out what works for me, what feels good, what are my ways of expressing myself, my knowledge, my experience and what resonates with the people who I attract.

Because you have to know that you attract who you are. If you try to be someone else and make videos, because everyone says you have to, but you are actually a writer, you will put out unauthentic vibes and attract that. You have to know that there is a reason YOU are here and you are the way you are. It makes no sense to try to be someone else. You have to know that if you are yourself, you will attract people who match that, who value that and love you for being you. This is my personal experience that I am currently making and it often blows me away and moves me to tears.

That also means that I have to live with the feelings of not knowing where I am going and having to be patient, because my way isn’t the fast way. It never was. I am growing spiritually, emotionally, personally. My body is being rewired and restructured constantly at the moment and I am supporting that through osteopathic treatments and trance healings and affirmations. I am not only growing a business. I am growing myself. And I need time and space for that.

What can I give you for your way? Be observant. Take in knowledge. Listen to other people. But be discerning. Really feel what resonates with you and what doesn’t. Give yourself time and permission to explore what kind of world you want to create and live in. If you anchor that within yourself, you will recognise that over time your own life starts to align with that vision and guides you from within.

That’s what I experience right now. I am suddenly finding myself living in shared apartments which are little communities. And I’ve found that whole Heidelberg is full of them, something I had no idea of before I came here. I find that I can grow my following slowly by consistently putting out what feels right for me. I’ve discovered how much I love writing and that putting myself in front of a camera doesn’t resonate with me and my way of channeling at the moment.

Allow yourself to be you in your personal life and in your business. There is no real difference between both of them. It’s your life. Create it the way you want and be yourself. We are here to change the world. That means we have to be the change and not repeat what others did. BE YOU. DO YOU.


  1. Monika Philips

    Beautifully written and beautifully said. What an amazing world we would live in if everyone was truly their authentic self. Blessed be, Dear Sweet Antje and know that your light is shining brightly.


  2. Antje (Post author)

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Monika. I’m really glad and blessed to know you.

    Love, Antje

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