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How patterns and experiences of our ancestors affect our lives

I’ve just had another interesting experience yesterday morning, one of many in the past 8 years, that showed me how inherited experiences of my ancestors can affect my life.

Two days ago I wrote the resignation for the job I have been doing the past 4 months, because my body made it clear that the stress, noise and changing shifts took a toll on my health. I asked for help and the state agency through which I had gotten this job in the first place offered me to resign out of health reasons and then take care of me financially while helping me to find a new job. I’m currently still on sick leave until I am out of the contract on December 8th, 2017.

Yesterday evening an energy hit me in my stomach that clearly told me that my resignation letter had arrived. My own personal news system. I then checked online with the tracking number and got confirmation for what I already knew.

This morning I went food shopping and suddenly I experienced an anxiety attack, one that I was only too familiar with from the beginning of this year and also from 5 years ago from another separation. The fear that came up was fear to not have enough money to buy food, fear that now I don’t have an income and how do I fill up my bank account, fear that the women behind the cashier has a job and I don’t.

When I left the shop I realised that this made no sense at all. My own personal experience this year and also from 5 years ago tells me that there was always help, money always came from somewhere and I was guided to find the right help. Never was I not able to buy food. 5 years ago I even cared for five animals, today for one.

So I started asking questions. Where in my childhood did I have an experience that created this fear? Because a lot of our traumas and problems in adult life stem from childhood trauma. The answer was however: nowhere. There was no such experience in my childhood. Which makes total sense. I wasn’t well cared for emotionally, but I was always cared for physically.

O.k. Next question. Where does it come from then? Who does it come from? Bingo. The minute I asked that last question, I saw a picture of my grandmother and my grandfather in my mind and got the message “war”. That made total sense. So the fears and anxiety I was feeling was actually inherited from my grandparents who experienced them during and/or after World War II.

By the way, this way of me asking questions and then receiving pictures in my mind and hearing information, is the way my angels and guides communicate with me all the time. This also works when I am with somebody else who asks questions. So for example, if I would work with you and you ask questions, I will receive the answers of your angels and guides through pictures, feelings and hearing information or simply letting flow through me (channeling) what they want to relay to you.

After I knew that the fear stemmed from my grandparents, I asked Archangel Michael to cut my cords to it and remove it, its energies and all its consequences from my being and my life. I also asked to do the same for my whole family. The minute I did that, I could breathe again and felt relieved. This technique works really well. I have been using it for years now. And it also works when I use it to help someone else.

How do you know that something that affects you doesn’t come from yourself?

You may suspect that when the experiences in your life absolutely do not explain why a certain pattern or fear is present. Another hint is that it keeps repeating itself in similar situations. Which is simply your soul asking for healing.

If you experience patterns or fears like that, you are more than welcome to work with me. I will probably know rather quickly whether it’s yours or not, because of my experience with those patterns and fears. So please contact me, if you would like a session to release something that affects your life negatively. I’m happy to help together with the angels and guides.

Love, Antje

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