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My experience with feeling energies

There’s a unique energy to every one being, be it human, animal, stone, tree or anything else. There’s a unique energy to every product that exists on the planet, to every place, town, different parts of towns, to every house and company. Even experiences, behaviours, emotions all have their unique energies.

Over the past years I have learned that not only can I feel those energies, I can also recognise people and everything else by their/its unique energy.

Just yesterday I had an experience with the energy of death through killing for food. I walked by a pasture with black cows in a valley. The weather was beautiful. Blue sky, sunshine, green fields and woods. The smell of cows reminded me of farm holidays which my parents had been taking my sister and myself on in our teenage years and we loved it.

When I walked past the pasture the second time, I paused, looked at the cows and suddenly the thought that they would be slaughtered for food crept into my mind and feeling. I surely did not have that as a teenager. But as a sensitive vegan today there it was. I felt sad and had to leave. When I walked up the hill, I suddenly noticed that a very familiar energy was hanging above the cows and the whole valley. Death through killing for food.

Another picture popped up in my mind. An experience I had last year on the island of Rügen at the Baltic Sea. Our neighbour had raised ducklings and I loved them. They were so sweet and lively and chatty. He then killed them when they had grown up. I couldn’t go outside for a few days. The smell of blood was horrible. The feel of death and the silence was hard to feel. I don’t mean the silence because of the missing noises. That as well. The silence I mean was a complete silence that I felt in the energy field. Silenced energy. No more life. Hard to describe and hard to feel. Even though I knew their souls were o.k. in Heaven, the feeling of silenced life made me sad. When I feel into it now, I would say, I was grieving their death.

Death by killing for food and natural death through a dying process do have very different energies. The latter feels very calm, peaceful and soft. I’ve spent the past 13 years accompanying a lot of animals in their natural dying process. I went from finding it horrible and fearing it, because that’s what I had learned, to really being with them, learning from them, observing and feeling and realising that it could be very peaceful. And they didn’t fear it.

I have learned to navigate with those energies that I feel. They basically create a map for me in a town but also in life of places and experiences and people I feel good with and others that don’t feel good for me and I don’t want to be with. The more I consciously realise, how certain energies make me feel, the better I get with the whole process. It is part of my intuitive navigation system.

Would you like to learn to navigate your life like that as well? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Fay

    Hi Antje, yes I would like to navigate my life with those energies. Since I was a child I could never kill another living thing for food. I cannot look at anything dead. I don’t think I fear the body, but I feel sad for the living animal who has lost his life.

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