Antje Roggemann Medium

Taking your own life is no shortcut

You have chosen this life and it is your choice whether you stay or leave now. But there’s something that you should know before. If you end your life now before your time is actually up, you will have to come back and go through the same lessons all over again, because you didn’t learn them, because you didn’t master them. So if you think taking your own life is a shortcut to skip what you’re going through right now and feel fabulous in Heaven, I tell you that’s not going to happen.

You will review your life and realise you didn’t learn quite a few lessons you came here to learn. You will realise you skipped the experiences you wanted to make. And even more so you will realise that you caused great pain to the people you left behind and you will feel that pain. Really feel it.

And then you will have to come back, be born again and grow up and go through all the lessons and experiences that you skipped before. There is no shortcut to Soul growth.

But there is a shortcut to happiness. Because happiness is a choice. If you want to life a happy life, you have to make that choice and follow through with it. It doesn’t just come to you by delivery service some time. You have to choose it. If you don’t make that choice, it doesn’t matter what I tell you or which self-help book you read, nothing will be right. If you choose to be miserable, because you have gotten so used to it, no one will be able to talk you out of that.

It is your choice and yours only to choose this life and to choose happiness.

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