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Arriving in Heidelberg and current challenges

Since the day I arrived in Heidelberg I felt really good. Everything seemed to fall into place, even though it took time. I had to take everything very slowly. But I felt really good being in Heidelberg. My body literally soaked up the energy here. Looking at the Odenwald from the balcony immediately calmed me and made me breathe out. My flatmate was very helpful in helping me to find orientation in the city and explained where the different main streets were leading to and where I could find certain things and places. In the past I never was able to handle such descriptions. This time for some reason it helped to create a map in my mind and obviously for my intuition that started to guide me whenever I left the house to explore the town.

I found an organic supermarket nearby belonging to an organic supermarket chain that I loved. I hadn’t seen one of those during the past 8 years. I felt so happy the first time I saw it. I walked in and just went through it very slowly, looking at all the products, recognizing familiar ones and new ones. And I literally soaked up the energy and when I left, I felt filled up. I didn’t buy anything that day. I just had been shopping in the morning.

Exploring nature was beautiful.

Because my flatmate was walking quite a lot he invited me to join him on a walk through the woods (Odenwald) and up the hills at the weekend. Which I did. The supposed to be walk ended up to be a three hour trekking tour up two hills. I had felt something like that might happen. 🙂 So I fortunately took water with me. He showed me some very beautiful places in the woods and spots where you could look into the plains and on Heidelberg. Beautiful rhododendrons, more than 100 years old, and really high and huge, were blooming in the middle of the woods on two clearings where a lot of sunlight came in. It was amazing.

I was sooo happy to be reunited with my cat.

A day after that walk, on my first Monday here, I picked up my male cat that had been staying with friends of mine in another town. He didn’t like the car ride, as always. But he surprised me when we arrived here. It only took him about an hour to come out from under my bed where he was hiding. He started to explore the flat a little, said “Hello” to my flatmate, then hid again. He continued his exploring in little increments for the rest of the day and in the evening even said “Hello” to the Italian girl. I wasn’t used to him being that open to other people.

He very quickly became very relaxed. After staying with two small children during the past weeks which he wasn’t used to, he now relaxed in the calm environment here. After two days he started spending the nights on the sofa in the living room instead of under my bed. I was really happy to see him so relaxed and enjoying the company and cuddles of my two flatmates.

I enjoy being in a shared apartment.

In general I realized that being in a shared apartment took a lot of pressure off of me and helped me calm down and let go of stress and overwhelm I had been experiencing in the past. Here I was only always responsible to clean one room, not a whole house or flat. My male flatmate was very helpful. If I needed help, all I had to do was ask and it was given. I found though that asking for help was the real challenge for me and I needed to practice that. It wasn’t easy. Every time I needed help, I thought I would bother him and it took me quite some time to actually ask for something.

Some things are extremely challenging for me.

Parallel to that I had to start the process of applying for state support again. If you move to another town, you have to apply again in the new town. I found out that the process was slightly different here and I went with it and stayed surprisingly relaxed. To be honest being in contact with those institutions, being in those buildings, is extremely challenging for me and always in the past, as soon as I entered the building brought up anxiety very very quickly. Without Archangel Michael at my side I would have no idea how to manage those appointments. And you don’t just get financial support. You have to apply for jobs in the corporate world and letters with information about potential jobs regularly land in your letterbox.

For some reason I do not resonate with the corporate world at all anymore. So during the past months every application that I sent out was turned down, which is basically fine for me. What I really want to create is a successful self-employment meaning online businesses. But to focus on those and at the same time handling the other energies is something I find very challenging.

Apart from that I have only just started to blog again on my two spiritual book blogs, one in German and one in English. I have also just started going public with angel card readings a few months ago and sharing my story on my mediumship website. Apart from very little affiliate commission through one of the book blogs and two sold readings quite a while ago, those activities recently didn’t generate income. And I do have bills to pay. And the amount of money I get from state support is so little that I find it extremely hard to manage with that. So that puts a lot of pressure on me and I have no idea when that will end or get less and when or how my passions will turn into something that generates income.

Angels tell me, I’m on the right path, but …

The angels tell me again and again to follow my guidance which tells me to read and write and pull cards and that I am on the right path. When I dive into reading and writing and pulling cards and reading all the lovely comments from my followers, I feel energized and happy and calm and it feels as if I am doing something meaningful. 🙂 But then again comes the look at the income side and my mind tells me that what I do isn’t generating income or only sometimes. 🙁


  1. PrisCilla

    Antje, thank you for sharing your story. I think a lot of us are learning how to accept financial abundance and prosperity into our lives….I know I am too. And that It Is possible to experience it in this life, by doing that which fullfills our calling, brings us joy, and is energetically nourishing to us. I appreciate your writing. Our paths here have some similarities.

  2. Dylan

    So great that you are sharing your experiences, Antje. I’m glad your beautiful kitty cat feels good in his new home. He was probably overjoyed to see you again (although not about the car ride!).
    I can relate to feeling “off” in those government buildings, and the pressure of people expecting you to get a job. We are on the same page with that one. Moving on to self-employment and living our life purpose.
    Thank you for sharing. I wish you many beautiful days and nights in your new home. I’m glad you have found a place to live. I’m also glad you have reconnected with the beautiful organic foods that you love so much.
    Love you!

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