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A Message about Opposites and Paradoxons from the Angels

I received this channeling a few days ago from the angels.

“People seem to think that when they have gone through enough courses and collected enough certificates, there will come a day when they have no more challenges and feel no more so called “bad” feelings. Let’s bust this myth right now. This is not going to happen!!!

You are here to experience opposites!

You are here on Earth to experience exactly those opposites that don’t exist in the Spirit world. You are here to feel the contrast and learn from it, but not to make it go away. You will always feel hot and cold, lack and abundance, love and fear, happiness and sadness. Without experiencing one of them, you could not know and experience the other. If you don’t know what lack is, you cannot recognise abundance. If you don’t feel fear, you cannot feel and recognise love. We could go on and on.

Your task is not to make one of the opposites go away or to not feel them anymore or to not have them in your life anymore. Your task is to learn to live with them in a way that benefits you and your souls growth. Learn from them. Don’t try to learn to eliminate them. This will not work!!!

What are paradoxons?

Paradoxons are opposite states of being or feeling that you experience at the same time. Meaning right in this moment you feel happiness and at the same time grief or sadness. This phenomenon often occurs in phases of transition or great change in the life of a person. It can also indicate healing when after months of sadness due to the passing of a loved one, you suddenly feel joy again, but at the same time grief is still there.

This kind of experience is one you can only have as a human and not in the Spirit world. It is part of being human and the only way to deal with it is to feel it and to accept it.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop trying to change yourself, because you feel fear! Stop trying to change others, because they feel fear and communicate it openly! Give yourself space to feel it and accept it! Give others that same space to feel their feelings and express them! When you stop resisting the feeling, it can pass through your system and go. It will come again, but you don’t have to hold it in. Emotions are energy and energy in it’s healthy state is moving. In motion.

Stop feeling guilty for expressing your feelings, the whole range of them! Stop trying to avoid to trigger others with what you put out and express! It’s not going to work. There will always be someone who gets triggered. Learn to deal with it when their reaction triggers you!

Enjoy the full emotional range!

Opposites and paradoxons are a part of human life. When you read this, you have definitely said “Yes” to this human experience and that includes feeling opposites and paradoxons. Accept them as part of your life. Learn from them. Enjoy them. You are here to feel the full emotional range that is available, not just a part of it!

Let it be a valued and valuable part of your life. Teach your children and grandchildren about it, so that they don’t learn the rubbish you learned, namely to avoid or push aside certain feelings. Let’s stop this unhealthy behaviour and help all people to feel all emotions and enjoy all states of being without judgement and without making them feel wrong or like they have to change something about themselves. Love yourself with all you feel and all that you are! Love others with all they feel and all that they are! And teach them to love themselves with all they feel and all they are!!!”

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