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Angel Numbers & Twinflame Numbers as Signs

My day yesterday was crazy full of Angel and spirit signs. When I got into my car to drive to my osteopath in the evening, I said to the Angels and my guides „O.k. Give me signs.“ I didn’t ask for anything specific. Seconds later I had to stop at red traffic lights and the car in front of me has 101 on the number plate. I laughed out loud. That was the exact number one of my followers had been asking me about a few days ago. I would never have noticed that one before, but now I remembered the message I gave him about it.

Angel Number 101

1 is standing for new beginning, 0 for transition, transformation and 101 meaning being in a phase of transitioning and new beginning and the whole day had felt like that. I also got the message that it was also a twinflame number. The 1‘s standing for the two twinflames, the 0 stating that they are in transformation, transition. After that evening I could say that this was totally on point to what happened.

Angel Numbers Everywhere

On I went in my car through town and literally nearly every car in front of me had Angel Numbers on their number plates. In the middle of town I had to stop again at traffic lights. All lanes in front of me were packed with cars and wherever I looked I saw Angel Numbers. I was laughing.

A few minutes later when I went through the tunnel I was overtaken by a car with 717 on its number plate, a twinflame number that Nailea Guerrero often talks about. I could only laugh.

I found a parking space in the car park as fast as never before with the number 244. I had to stop there and write it all down to not forget.

And on it went. I left the car park to walk to the practise and a lot of the cars parked at the street beside me had Angel Numbers.

Of course we talked about Angels, signs and numbers the whole evening, something we hadn’t been doing for months.

And when I went back to the car park right next to me a car pulled over to pick someone up with 555 on its number plate. I just couldn’t stop smiling last night.

Of course on my way home I saw more of them. And when I checked my Instagram I had a message with a screenshot with Angel numbers asking me whether those are Angel signs.

Channeling the Meaning of Angel Numbers

O.k. I get it. I‘m surrounded by Angels and spirit guides. I get signs constantly now. The more I notice the more I get. And yes, I‘m going to channel the meaning of Angel numbers now. It’s too obvious that I‘m being asked to do that. People just keep asking me about them.


  1. Xara

    Wow. Same here. I’m in a really critical situation right now and I’m being bombarded with all these angel numbers. I’m so grateful!
    Thank you for your wonderful posts. ???

  2. Galya

    Hi there, I keep getting 2222…and in my dream I got clearly 333…and 1414…


  3. Tropi

    I noticed 999,555,444,717 all as I was driving into work today.

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