Antje Roggemann Medium

Saturn Wraps Up Karma Release

Saturn is stationing direct at the moment and will not move forward until September 28. During this time we wrap up the release of old karma and whatever has been surfacing during the past 5 months that no longer serves us.

In my case this is the reason for another encounter with the state agency. Someone from there created quite a bit of karma with me last year which now needs to be repaid to finally cut that cord. I also have karma rebalancing and release come up in other areas of my life right now.

This is my life purpose

Thank you for all the messages and feedback I receive from those of you who have been and are my clients and followers. I feel that you are concerned that I am going to quit doing this work. I won’t. That’s not even possible, because it’s my life purpose.

But I am going through a major shift in energy and upgrade in how I do business. It requires a lot of conscious letting go of the old and learning and implementing new things and routines and skills. That currently takes up my energy and that is why I am posting less. I will post more again, but differently.

I also still have the products and services you know from me and if you want to buy them, you can. You can still buy:

  • Angel Readings
  • Guardian Angel Channelings
  • Weekly Reading Subscription
  • Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course
  • Working With Archangels Online Course
  • Energy Clearing Retreat May 2020 in Heidelberg, Germany

While some of them may get an upgrade from time to time in the future, they are still available for the time being. So if you need support and one of those would help you, you still find the information on this website.

You can also still message me, if you have questions or want to book personally.

Finding a new way of being

I am not gone and I won’t go anywhere in the future. This is my life purpose. But as it happens in life, from time to time I go through a bigger phase of growth and up leveling and need to focus my energy on that. Nevertheless you can still approach me and I help you with the product or service you need.

I also have the feeling that during Libra season which starts today, things are going to balance out in my life. I am getting a lot of messages and signs regarding that.

I have experienced a major personality shift in August due to a major trauma release. Right now everything in my life feels like learning to walk again. So bear with me while I feel my way forward into a new way of being and doing and finding out who the new Me actually is.

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