Antje Roggemann Medium

Practice Following Angel Guidance in a cemetery

If you want to practice following Angel Guidance, walking through a cemetery is a great way to do that. There’s no distractions. There’s peace and quiet and often nature. And most of all there’s Angels.

Just enter the cemetery and stop. Say inside “Angels, please guide me.” Then look which way or path you feel drawn to and start walking. Feel what you feel. Often in a cemetery you feel Angels much easier than in a noisy town, if you are just getting started with following your Angel’s guidance.

Every time you start to feel unsure or at every junction, stop, breathe and see and feel which way or path you feel drawn to. Keep walking.

Notice what or who you meet and see. I have days where I am being guided to seemingly every grave with Angels on it. Not always though. So notice what happens. And when you feel like you are done, leave the cemetery and say “Thank you, Angels” upon leaving.

You can do that regularly to practice following your Angel’s guidance, also to feel them more clearly and just to relax and recharge. I use cemetery walks to just unwind and be in nature and a quiet place and also to feel the Angels. And also to see them. Sometimes it just helps me to see a physical representation of them in a statue.

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