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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I don’t usually write about this topic. It’s just been part of my life for so long. My oldest would be 11 this year. But there’s lots of posts popping up right now about pregnancy and infant loss. And this year it affects me more than it did in the past years, because this year I lost my last child, my cat Artemis. And now I miss them all, human children and fur children.

I have six human children in heaven. Johann, Hannah, Emma, Jonas & Noah (twins), Noelle Elinor. I lost all of them in early pregnancy (4-6 weeks) between 2009 and 2013. For me as a Medium this is probably very different. I was in contact with two of them, Hannah and Noelle Elinor, before I even got pregnant. They contacted me. They just talked to me out of the blue. I could see all of them after my body had lost the pregnancy. I never lost contact. To this day they show up all together or one of them when they see fit. But of course I could also call on them.

In a Mentoring Session on Saturday I was reminded of the signs I had been getting from two of them. After loosing the twins in 2011, Noah started sending me butterflies everywhere I went. It was really comforting for me. I got used to it. He kept it up into the next year. He even tried to come back as another baby which didn’t work out either. When winter came, there were no more butterflies. I missed them and I thought about it. His twin brother Jonas stepped in and started sending me special snowflakes. I just loved it. When my Mentoring client on Saturday suddenly looked to the window and said “It is snowing.” and turned the camera to the window for me to see, I first only saw a lot of white light and immediately thought about Archangel Metatron who I see this way. Then I remembered Jonas sending me snowflakes and told her.

In the same way my children show up on their own, Holly and Artemis, my cats, do too. They are very much present in our home right now, because I have a hard time at days being without Artemis. He was my therapy cat and the current world situation and a lot of change in my own life lead to sensory overwhelm for me at times and that’s when I notice that I don’t have his help in a physical way right now. He does show up with signs very often and Holly makes loud noises to let us know that they are here.

We had kittens planned for September and that fell through. A second attempt fell through as well. I just made a third attempt as Artemis guided me to some kittens in a nearby shelter Saturday night. But I am getting the feeling that the timing isn’t right, because we are still going through too much transitions.

I have certainly learned in the past weeks that time does not exist and souls can have many incarnations at once in different bodies or out of body. And I still can connect to Holly and Artemis, even when a part of their soul reincarnates in another body. The same goes for my children. I even connected to a being in heaven that I had once been and that another of my Mentoring clients suddenly started channeling. Yes, that was a bit wild. But she had a message for me too.

This feels like a lot of letting go of old concepts of limited human thinking right now for me which is basically what this time and year and corona are all about.

If you have experienced any loss this year or in the past, feel free to share with me. When I have learned something with my children, then that talking about them was what started the healing for me.

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