Antje Roggemann Medium

Mercury Retrograde Isn’t Bad

Mercury retrograde isn’t bad nor do you have to fear it. Instead consciously observe over a period of time how it personally affects you to learn for yourself.

I give you examples from my life. Over the past years I have observed that during Mercury retrograde things slow down for me. That’s not bad at all. I have also experienced that an Energy Clearing is happening for me. Patterns, things, people who don’t resonate with me anymore leave my life or I release them. That is positive. I have also realized that old pain and emotions come up to be felt and released. That is healing and positive as well. And I am very intuitive while my mind is more offline. That can be irritating at the beginning, but being conscious about it helps and enhanced intuition is great.

The only thing that I encountered which wasn’t pleasant was being at the receiving end of unconscious people unconsciously acting out their upcoming pain and wounds. That does happen and it can get quite aggressive when someone acts out their internal upcoming aggression. Because unconscious people are under the influence of the Mercury retrograde energies too. But if you know that this can happen, you recognize it and are able to handle it in a different way with more understanding and compassion. And on days where I am extra sensitive, I will simply not go to places with many people. That’s self-care and self-compassion.

The other thing that can happen and I’ve experienced that too are technical bugs and issues. It helps to call on Archangel Michael for that as well as having patience and knowing that everything happens at the right time.

So for yourself, make it an observation project and use the next Mercury retrogrades this year, the first one started on February 16, 2020, to really be aware of how you are experiencing this time, how you feel and what happens in your life. Only when you become conscious can you make more informed decisions for yourself.

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