Antje Roggemann Medium

Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 29 – Crystal Angels

Today’s interview is with the Crystal Angels who are helping us to connect and work and heal with crystals and to understand their characteristics and potential for our personal and spiritual development.

Me: “Thank you, Crystal Angels, for giving this interview for us today.”

Crystal Angels: “You’re welcome. We would love to share our answer to your question and how we can help people.”

Me: “O.k. Let’s get started then. Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Crystal Angels: “Yes, it is cool to be an Angel, although we are many and it is also cool to work with crystals. Crystals are very powerful and we would love to help people connect more with them. Crystals store information that is thousands of years old. Like today’s hard disk or storage.”

“In general every type of crystal has Angels responsible for them and taking care of them. And also every individual crystal has at least one Angel accompanying it, sometimes more.”

(I learned that when I bought the moonstone and amethyst necklace that I wear. When I put it on for the first time, I was suddenly surrounded by 4 huge white Angels who told me they came with it.)

“If you would like to know which crystal could support you right now, you can call on us to help you and we will guide you through signs to the right one or ones. If you already know the characteristics of crystals and you don’t have the one that could support you right now, you can call on the respective Crystal Angel to support you with its energy. We will surround you with our energy and the energy of the crystal to help you in your situation.”

Me: “That sounds cool to me. Is there another reason why you find it cool to be Angels or Crystal Angels?”

Crystal Angels: “We are here to support people’s connection to crystals while at the same time honouring the crystals and making sure that they are being well cared for and crystal reservoirs are treated in a sustainable way. It is cool that with our energy we can influence and support people and crystals in many ways.”

“If you want to connect with crystals in any way, learn more about them, work with them, heal with them, have them as support for your own personal growth and healing, please call on us to support and guide and teach you. We are more than happy to do so. And if you need a special crystal right now, call the respective Crystal Angel and also the crystal’s energy itself to support you. Crystals can send their energy to you, even when there’s no such crystal near you.”

Me: “Thank you very much for all this information and for your support that you offer us.”

Crystal Angels: “You’re welcome. Please work with us more as we and the crystals can accelerate and ease personal and spiritual growth and healing.”

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