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How Clutter Clearing and Energy Clearing Improve Your Health, Abundance and Relationships

  • Are you stuck with your finances and cannot increase your money flow?
  • Do your savings not grow no matter what you try?
  • Do you have health and weight issues that you don’t understand and that won’t go away?
  • Do you have non supportive relationships and don’t know how to get out of them?
  • Does your business not attract more customers and money even though you invest so much time?

If any of this applies to you, I get you. I‘ve been there too until just recently. I tell you what I did and what I learned.

Clutter Clearing with Marie Kondo

A few weeks ago I made a commitment to touch everything I own to decide whether or not to keep it. I used Marie Kondo’s method from her book „The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying“. She recommends to go through all your stuff according to categories starting with clothes, then books/cd‘s/dvd‘s, papers and miscellaneous. You have to take every item into your hand and ask the question „Does it spark joy?“ If the answer is Yes, you can keep it. If the answer is No, discard it. That way you only keep things that spark joy and that totally changes the energy in your home and in your life.

She also recommends to go through all your belongings in one go meaning committing to it and following through and not postponing it after sorting out a little bit. That’s why I made that commitment.

As many of you may know I also regularly go to my osteopath to receive treatments that often release trauma (energetic clutter) from my body and energy field.

What happened?

I had two osteopathy sessions that released massive amounts of trauma and old energies so much so that I felt like I had a different vibration afterwards and couldn’t go back to who I was. At the same time I cleared massive amounts of physical clutter so that the energy in my home shifted and I could feel it big time.

And suddenly it brought up a relationship and patterns and more trauma I had not expected to come up and I would not have seen as related. My living situation escalated. My landlady who I also share the house with for the x time tried to make me and my cat the source of her problems, in this case health problems. This sent me into anxiety attacks and huge body pain. I followed the pain and upcoming feelings and I could finally track them down to their core and heal and release the underlying trauma and with it the anxiety and the pain. I also set very firm boundaries and when she didn’t stop, I decided that we will find a new home and move out here.

My body went on a detox and is only taking certain foods at the moment and mostly water. My decaf coffee intake reduced itself from two to one cups a day. I started packing boxes to tell the universe we are ready to leave. I pulled back my energies from the house and consolidated all my belongings in my two rooms. I make sure to not meet my landlady right now to keep my energies and keep away from hers. And I feel so much better already. And every time I released a certain amount of stuff something happened in my business and on my bank account. Money came in. Also communication in my supportive relationships increased and I received lots of emotional support from my friends.

What does that tell you?

The energies in your life are all interconnected. If you are stuck with your finances, health, relationships or business or any other area of your life, it is because you have stuck energies in your life elsewhere that you might not see as related or might not see at all.

Get the energies in your life moving!!!

Start clearing physical and energetic clutter from your life. I guarantee you, it will create change. You may not know what change. But it will definitely create change.

And I tell you from my own experience that making that commitment to clear out my life from all that no longer serves me and experiencing the upheaval it created is way more comfortable than waiting until the universe decides to create a major upheaval in your life and you are forced to let go. I‘ve had that more than once during the past years and it was way way way more uncomfortable and scary than what I did just recently.

Change Your Life By Clearing Clutter

Change your life by moving out physical and emotional clutter from your life. You will be surprised how much change you can create in only a short amount of time.

For a structured approach to clear the energies from your life with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course.

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

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