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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 5 – Angels Norael

Today’s interview is with a group of Angels called Norael. They are the angels who help newborns and babies as well as pregnant women. They also help our inner child. Let’s listen to what they have to say.

Me: “Welcome dear Angels Norael. Thank you for asking to contribute to this interview series.”

Angels Norael: “You’re very welcome. We love to share who we are and what contribution we can make in people’s lives.”

Me: “Let’s start with our question. Is it cool to be Angels?”

Angels Norael: (smiling) “Oh yes, it absolutely is. We can do so much as Angels that you cannot do as a human. We accompany the souls of children from before they are born through their growing up until they have their own children. We are with them when their soul makes the decision to incarnate and chooses the parents they go to. It’s beautiful to witness and only possible when being an Angel or other being of light.”

Me: “Wow. That does sound beautiful and humbling. Is there anything else that’s cool about being Angels?”

Angels Norael: “What we love most is witnessing the moment when a newborn child and it’s mother recognise eachother, because they have lived together before or met in Heaven. It’s often not easy for souls to incarnate in a body and feel well and safe in it, because it’s very different to just being energy. We love that we can help with that process of arriving here on Earth and connecting to the parents. Any woman who is pregnant and any new parents with newborns can simply call us to help them and their baby with anything. Even couples who want to be parents can call us to help connect them to the soul of a child and to help with conception and pregnancy.”

“The children that are coming to Earth now are the future of this planet. Many of them are very sensitive. They need help in adjusting to life on Earth and to develop their special gifts which they brought here to make this world a more loving and more soft place. Our task and role is to help them in any way we can as well as to help their parents support them and guide them. Of course we also help any people who work in professions to do with children like nurses, doctors and teachers. They can all call us for help so that they provide the best help or service possible to the children they work with.”

Me: “Thank you so much, Angels Norael for this interview.”

Angels Norael: “You’re very welcome. Thank you for providing the opportunity and sharing this.”

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