Antje Roggemann Medium

My Eyes, 20/20 Vision, Seeing with Awareness

My eyes have been a part of my body that has long been a mystery and that I’ve questioned over and over. I would like to share what I’ve learned and observed.

I was born with normal vision, I assume, but I don’t remember. At the age of three one of my eyes started to turn inward. It was corrected by covering the healthy eye and forcing the other one to look straight. As an adult I had a phase where that intervention came up as trauma and my eyes released a lot of pain from that time.

My physical vision deteriorated over the years. I started wearing glasses when I went to university. I needed them to see what’s on the screen. I also need them when driving.

I do see everything. I just see it a bit blurry in the distance.

I did wear glasses and contact lenses for years while I was at university, working at my first job and then when I got self-employed. At some point my eyes refused contact lenses. I couldn’t wear them anymore.

In 2006 I decided to stop wearing glasses. I was in a phase where my sensitivity started to come up. I had also stopped taking contraceptive pills, because I learned that they are disturbing my intuition which is true. The first thing I noticed when I stopped wearing glasses was fear, sometimes even panic. I felt addicted to them and had fears of not seeing something, not noticing people, because I can’t see faces in a distance.

Over time with my other abilities developing, I developed a completely different way of seeing. For me seeing has to do with awareness and focus and intention. I don’t see on my own. I’m being shown.

When I go into a supermarket, I don’t want to have 20/20 vision. Seeing everything clearly that’s there would overwhelm me. There’s no need for me to take in what I don’t need. When I go food shopping, I know the things I want to buy and I also let myself be guided. I always go shopping with Angels. I am being shown what I need and what I might try. And then I’m out. I don’t stay there long. Too many people. Too much stuff.

I am aware what I need or want. The moment I become aware of that, it’s a thought in my mind or a question like “Does something like that exist? Where?” And then I am being shown either on my walk, in town or online. For the past years the things that I needed always showed up. I don’t need 20/20 vision for them. I need awareness.

In 2017 I worked in a supermarket where thousands of people walk through every day. I observed a lot of people wearing glasses and still not finding, not seeing what they were looking for. And sometimes they were standing right in front of it. I learned that glasses might physically correct people’s vision, but it doesn’t make them see.

During my time at the Baltic Sea I tried some natural training methods for the eyes to relax them and train the eye muscles, so that they would return to 20/20 vision. I am a Virgo and fairly disciplined when I try things like this. I noticed some relaxing effects, but never any vision improvements. At some point I just accepted my vision as it is.

I also remember that I had my vision tested in 2012 by an opthalmologist and she found that in one of my eyes my physical vision had slightly improved. I found that very interesting and it showed me that it’s possible.

When I go through phases of personal spiritual development, my vision becomes even more blurry. I can’t even focus on anything. I have observed that happening for the past 10-15 years. When I notice it, I know that I’m going through a shift. It stops when I’m through that phase.

Last year I have had a situation where I thought I would like to see physically clear and was pondering trying contact lenses again. I didn’t do it as it didn’t feel right. It obviously was just another release of the topic and another step of accepting the unique vision I have developed over the past 14 years.

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