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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 9 – Romance Angels

Today the Romance Angels stepped forward and asked to share their view on the question “Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Me: “Thank you for taking the time. I’m glad to have you here with us.”

Romance Angels: “We are very keen and happy to be sharing with you all.”

Me: “So what do you say when I ask you: Is it cool to be Angels?”

Romance Angels: “It is absolutely beautiful and fantastic and magnificent and much more. Being a being of pure white light or light in general is stunning, if you can see it. Such amazing beauty. Unfortunately most people miss that part of life. Not because they couldn’t, but because their focus is only on the physical world and material possessions.”

“As our name says, we are responsible for a field in life, romance, that helps people to see and feel that there’s more than just the physical. Because you can’t see romance, you have to feel it. So we are helping people to connect more with their emotions and learn to be guided by them. In this case being Angels is cool, because I can just send little sparks of light into people’s hearts and eyes and ignite a little fire, so that people notice each other and get attracted to each other. That’s fun. ??”

“Romance isn’t all serious stuff. And being Angels isn’t either. People tend to get so serious about romance and love, looking for THE ONE to spend the rest of their life with and totally forget that flirting and romance can be fun and you don’t need to start a relationship with planning a wedding. ??”

Me: “???? It feels to me that you just perfectly mimicked a kind of typical human behaviour. Everyone is looking for their soulmates nowadays or their twinflames, at least in the spiritual world. Is it cool to be Angels and watch that or help with it?”

Romance Angels: “It is cool to be Angels and mix it up a bit. People need to learn to have more fun. The habit to look for THE ONE has been deeply ingrained into the human psyche in the past thousands of years. It’s time now to get it out and release it and find the freedom of standing in your own power and from there connecting to other people in any way and also in romantic relationships. We can help people get there.”

“Call on us, if you want to become whole and learn to stand in your own power, set healthy boundaries and attract healthy relationships. Call on us, of you want to have fun around love and romance and to take the seriousness that’s often there out of it. You don’t die when you separate. If a relationship doesn’t fulfill your needs AND that of your partner, you both shouldn’t be in it. We are Angels and we can help you to get a higher perspective on your relationships. You are welcome to call on us anytime.”

Me: “Thank you so much for sharing your view with humour.”

Romance Angels: “You’re very welcome.”

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  1. Judith Harrison

    I have just finished reading your interview and it made me smile. It is true that when in a relationship the serious stuff does sort of take over. I want to thank you for inviting me to your website so I could read your work. It contains a lot of lovely words that I have started using since last August when I joined Facebook. I know we don’t know each other but I feel that you have helped me many times since I found you on my page. If ever you need me I will be here for you anytime. Thank you xx

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