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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 10 – Archangel Jophiel

Today’s interview is with Archangel Jophiel who helps to bring joy into our life, to beautify our thoughts and to always remember that life is fun.

Me: “Thank you Archangel Jophiel for being part of this interview series.”

Archangel Jophiel: “You’re welcome. You asked for more fun. So let’s go. ?”

Me: “Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Jophiel: “Most of the time Yes. Sometimes it can be frustrating to watch people be so serious about everything in life and people that are in pain and heartbroken are hard for me to watch as well. I love to bring fun into people’s lives. I love beauty and of course beautiful, loving thoughts and words and actions. I will often assist people who do loving acts of kindness for others. But I also help people who grieve to find laughter again.”

“Being an Angel is cool, because I don’t need to use words. I actually can’t. I can send feelings or a soft breeze or a little sparkle of light. ? I might ask another person to send someone a joke or a funny story or video to make them laugh. ? I can point people’s eyes to beautiful flowers ? or twinkling Christmas lights ?, simply to light them up, to let them see and feel beauty.”

“This is so important. Beauty is incredibly energising. Laughter is the highest vibration of all. It heals so much. It changes your energy immediately. But people who are in pain or grieving often need some help from outside to find fun again in life and laugh.”

Me: “Is there anything you would like to add about why it is cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Jophiel: “No, I would like to add something else. Whatever you do, ask yourself ‘Do I have fun doing it?’ If not, leave it. It can look pretty on the outside, but what really matters is the energy it carries. That’s what people feel. That’s what people are attracted to. Not your looks. Not your cool photos. The energy behind it. Make sure that you’re not dreading what you do, but have fun doing it. That’s all I wanted to add.”

Me: “Thank you so much for sharing.”

Archangel Jophiel: “You’re welcome.”

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