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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 18 – Archangel Gabriel

Today’s interview is with Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Creativity and Passion, but also of clarity and spiritual growth. Let’s hear what she has to say.

Me: “Archangel Gabriel, thank you for being with us today. Let me ask you our question: Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Gabriel: “I’m glad, I can be with you today. Yes, it is cool to be an Angel or Archangel. I can do so much to support people with my energy in their life. I absolutely love that. You can connect with me at any time when you need support with creative endeavours like writing, filming, speaking, painting, anything really that is your passion. I love supporting people with their passions and creativity.”

“You can also call me when you need a little help to stick to your commitments, to write that book, to sit down and do something for your project every day. I can give you little nudges every day, so that you keep going with it and reach your outcome you desire or something even better.”

“I can also help with getting clear on what you want or what you need to change in your life in order to get to where you want to be and be who you want to be. I help to realise the truth in situations or behaviour patterns that could be released. I help you to reflect and to let go of what no longer serves you.”

Me: “Is there anything that you love most or that is more cool than anything else?”

Archangel Gabriel: “Children. I love to play creatively with children. They are so wonderfully messy. They don’t care whether they have paint all over or the kitchen looks like a mess. They just forget everything and play and let their creativity flow. I love to jump right in there and give it even more creative energy. It’s so much fun. That is the most cool thing in my work ever. I wish adults would find back to that kind of playing. All of them. Not just some. It would make the world much lighter and a happier place to live in. It would make everything easier and more fun. Work would turn into play and be more creative. My dream of the future. I would love that to happen.”

Me: “I totally get what you mean. What a great dream. Hopefully we are getting there, one by one by one by one. Thank you so much for sharing with us today your view and what you are here for.”

Archangel Gabriel: “It has been a pleasure. Thank you.”

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