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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 17 – Angels Loriel

Today’s interview is with a group of Angels called Loriel. The first time I heard about them was through Ingrid Auer, an Austrian Angel Medium. The Angels Loriel are the Angels of Emergency. Whenever there is some kind of emergency, you can call upon them. They also help when healing processes stagnate.

Me: “Thank you Angels Loriel for offering to be interviewed today.”

Angels Loriel: “You are very welcome. We are happy to be sharing our view and information with all of you.”

Me: “Angels Loriel, is it cool to be an Angel?”

Angels Loriel: “Yes, it absolutely is. Being Angels enables us to be in any place within a fraction of a second to help when our help is needed. With our energy we can help people to let go of shocks immediately after they occured, so that the healing process then can start right away. Otherwise often a shock like in an accident can block the healing process as long as it persists.”

“You can call on us in any emergency, be it an accident on the streets or at home or any kind of injury or trauma, also a traumatic birth or any incident that leaves you or someone else shocked. This could also be verbal or physical or emotional abuse or any other kind of abuse.”

“Because we are beings of energy we can work on an energetic level in people’s auric field to release trauma. Because that’s where it is stored before it gets stuck in the body and causes long-term problems. So in any kind of emergency or shocking situation, even if you need to call doctors for physical treatments, please also call on us to help the person on the energetic and spiritual level. You can call us for yourself or send us to anybody you would like us to help.”

Me: “Is it cool to be Angels, because you can help people the way you describe? Or are there other reasons as well?”

Angels Loriel: “There are some other reasons as well. We don’t work alone. Because we are Angels, we can call on other Angels to help us with whatever situation we are working at. Like the doctors and police that come to an accident, we are also working together with Guardian Angels and other Angels and Archangels and sometimes Ascended Masters as a team to make sure that the people receive the help that they need. We will coordinate and call in all Angels that could help in a certain situation.”

Me: “Wow. Teamwork on the Angelic Level. That sounds fascinating.”

Angels Loriel: “? We aren’t so far away from humans when it comes to cooperation. Yes, Angels often do have specific areas they work on. But like humans we will also work together to achieve the best results possible for the people that we help. That’s why being an Angel and knowing all other Angels and being connected with them is cool. It makes help more efficient.”

Me: “Interesting. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.”

Angels Loriel: “It was a pleasure. ?”

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