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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 23 – Archangel Aquariel

Today’s interview is with Archangel Aquariel who supports our current “Age of Aquarius” and all the people who are changing themselves and their societies.

Me: “Thank you, Archangel Aquariel, for asking me to being interviewed today.”

Archangel Aquariel: “You are welcome. I love to contribute and support your work and all lightworkers. ?”

Me: “Thank you so much. So, is it cool to be an Angel, Archangel Aquariel?”

Archangel Aquariel: “Yes, it is cool to be an Angel and specifically Archangel in my case. I am here to support the current “Age of Aquarius” which is an important time on Earth lasting about 2000 years in which humanity and the Earth itself undergo great changes to a more loving and sustainable world.”

“I am here to support you and all lightworkers to follow your very own unique paths, to choose careers that might have never existed before and to connect and live in completely new ways by following your hearts and doing what feels right for you. I am completely amazed and blown away to see and witness how people change their lives completely when it doesn’t feel right anymore and simply doesn’t work anymore in the old ways. Your former husband and you have done just this during this year and you have both done an amazing job. Pat yourself on the back for that.  And many more people have undertaken similar life changes.”

“This Age is about finding your freedom and your individuality. It’s about bringing in completely new frequencies, information, knowledge, wisdom and using it for the highest good of all people and beings on Earth and the planet itself. I am here to support this work and you can call on me anytime for help.”

Me: “Thank you so much for your support and for your appreciation of what I and my former husband have been doing this year.”

“Is there anything you would like to add regarding why it is cool to be an Angel during this time on Earth?”

Archangel Aquariel: “It is cool, because so many old structures are being torn down, so many old stuff is being released. I know humans are often scared by this. But it is good. It makes space for new things to come in and develop and I can help with my energy to ease and support the transitions and changes. Call on me, if this scares you. I’ll help you to better cope with the changes and find your courage to make bold choices for yourself and the highest good of all.”

Me: “Thank you again for your support and for all the information you have given us today.”

Archangel Aquariel: “My absolute pleasure. I’m here to help. Use my energy and call me to support you. This is for all lightworkers and therapists and healers and everyone who wants to change this world just a little bit and bring more love. ❤️”

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