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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 21 – Archangel Raguel

Today we meet Archangel Raguel who’s name means “Friend of God”. He is the Archangel who helps us to create harmony in all our relationships. He helps us to understand our feelings and our clairsentience.

Me: “Archangel Raguel, thank you for joining me for this interview today.”

Archangel Raguel: “You’re welcome. I’m happy to share my insights and knowledge and how I can help.”

Me: “Archangel Raguel, is it cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Raguel: “Yes, it is cool to be an Angel. In fact I wouldn’t want to be anyone else than who I am. I simply love being the Archangel that supports people to create harmonious relationships in their life. I use my energy to support all the people that belong to a relationship, so that harmony is being created for the highest good of everyone involved. If you are in conflict with someone, call on me to help you solve the underlying issue and find a new healthy way of relating to each other.”

“Apart from that my task is also to help people understand their clairsentience. That means you can call on me to help you understand and trust your intuitive feelings and follow their guidance. Your body is the temple of your soul. And it is a highly sensitive instrument that clearly communicates not only its needs but also messages from your Soul and Guardian Angels. That’s why it is important to take good care of your body, centre yourself, spend time in nature, meditate or have any other spiritual practise where you get still and listen to what your body and Soul are trying to communicate to you.”

Me: “Thank you for sharing with us how you can help us in our daily lives. Is there anything you would like to add?”

Archangel Raguel: “It is cool to be an Angel especially in these times right now, because I get to support and witness a huge transformation of humanity that has never happened before. So many people are changing themselves, their lives, their relationships, their jobs or businesses right now. And I am able to support them with my energy to ease the changes. I love that. ?❤”

Me: “Thank you so much for the interview today.”

Archangel Raguel: “You’re welcome. I’m happy to help.”

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