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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 14 – Angel Mihr

Today’s interview is with Angel Mihr who is the Angel of Relationships. Her colour is a dark green and the first time I read about her was in Isabelle von Fallois’ book “The Healing Power of Angels”. She helps us to understand the soul lessons in our relationships and to learn to trust people.

Me: “Thank you, Angel Mihr, for asking to be part of this interview series. Welcome.”

Angel Mihr: “Thank you for offering the opportunity to answer such a great question.”

Me: “Angel Mihr, is it cool to be an Angel?”

Angel Mihr: “Yes, it is cool to be an Angel. I love my Angel job. ? I help people to realise that every relationship in their life is there, because both sides prior to this incarnation have agreed to meet and grow together. There is something to learn in every relationship that you have. Often there are repeating patterns in several relationships. I’m here to help people see those patterns and learn what their relationships have to offer.”

Me: “How does this relate to being an  Angel? Why is it cool to be an Angel for these tasks?”

Angel Mihr: “Because I work on an energy and soul level with people. I can already see the lessons from my Angel perspective. But I cannot write them on a board and show them to people. People need to see and feel and realise them themselves. So I will wrap them in my energy, if they ask me to do that, which makes it easier for them to connect the dots.”

“Also with the help of my energy I can help people to learn to trust themselves and other people as this is important for building healthy and harmonious relationships. If people would like to work with me, just call me and ask me to wrap you in my energy and help you to see the lessons in your relationships and to learn to trust. Being an Angel I can also see how people are connected on a soul level and help them come together in a way that benefits both sides. You are all here to learn and grow and have fun with it. Calling Angels into your life can make a lot of things easier than trying to live without. Use Angels as helpers in your life. That’s why we are here.”

Me: “Thank you so much, Angel Mihr, for sharing your view and so much information with us.”

Angel Mihr: “You’re very welcome. Thank you for the opportunity and all the best for your future interviews.”

Me: “Thank you.”

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