Antje Roggemann Medium

Working With Archangels

„Working With Archangels“ is a 15-day E-Mail Coaching programme where you learn how to work with 15 major archangels. You will learn what topics they are responsible for and how and in which situations you can call on them and work with them in your private and work life.

This programme is designed to give you the tools to have a closer connection to Archangels and to feel more supported by them in your life.

It is a programme that you can easily incorporate into your life. You can refer back to the material for the rest of your life and keep practising and inviting the Archangels into your life, even after the end of it.

Who is the Working With Archangels programme for?
  • People who want to call in and feel more angelic support in their life
  • People who are new to angels and Archangels
  • People who want to have a closer connection to Archangels
  • People who want to raise their vibration with the help of the Archangels
What do you learn?
  • My personal Morning and Evening Clearing and Grounding practises with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters
  • Calling on and Working With Archangel:
    • Michael – Protection, Technical issues, Cord Cutting, Energy Clearing
    • Jophiel – Beauty, Fun, Thinking/Words
    • Uriel – Manifesting dreams, Grounding, Enjoying life, Claircognisance
    • Haniel – Intuition, Sensitivity, Heart-based decision making, Moon cycles
    • Ariel – Animals, Nature, Manifesting dreams & material resources, Courage
    • Raziel – Spiritual insights, Visions, Clairvoyance
    • Raphael – Healing, Travel, Matchmaking, Healers/Doctors/Therapists
    • Metatron – Life Purpose, Life Path, Passion, Matchmaking
    • Sandalphon – Music, Prayer, Soft Changes
    • Nathaniel – Major life changes, Clearing blocks, attachments, distractions, Raise vibration
    • Chamuel – Love, Self-love, Unconditional love, Soul family
    • Gabriel – Creativity, Passions, Clarity, Commitments, Writers/Artists
    • Raguel – Harmony in Relationships, Clairsentience, Intuition
    • Azrael – Passing of Souls, Grief, Coaches/ Life Coaches/Spiritual Coaches/Card Readers
    • Zadkiel – Intuition, Guidance, Clairaudience
What do you get?
  • I will send out emails with the information and tasks for the day every day. For 15 days.
    (Mondays til Fridays. Weekends are free.)
  • A workbook you can download and print with all the information from the emails.
How many hours per day do we commit to?

You will probably need an hour per day.

In general you will read about the Archangel for that day and then take the information with you into your day and apply it whenever it feels fit or whenever you need to. This programme is about incorporating archangels into your day and life more and it’s best to start practising that right away.

Technical requirements to take part.

You need:

  • a smart phone or computer
  • an internet connection (can be on your phone)
  • an email address to receive the course emails
  • a Paypal account to make the payment
When does it take place?
  • You can book it when you want to take t.
What does it cost?
  • 127 Euro per week. = 381 Euro in total.
  • You can pay weekly.

How do I register?

  1. By making the payment through this payment link: http://Paypal.Me/AntjeRoggemann/127
    Choose Euro as currency when making the transfer and put as subject “Archangels programme”.
  2. You will start to receive emails the day after you made the payment.