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Working With Archangels Course

A Letter From The Archangels

Dear Reader,

this course was made and channeled especially for you to help you to align more and better with us Archangels who are always available to you to make your life easier.

It saddens us that so many people think that they have to go through life alone while we are basically right next to them and could take at least half of the load they carry off of them. It saddens us that still so many people believe that they have to work really hard for their whole life to make their dreams come true.

Let us tell you that these are old outdated beliefs from people and a society who do not recognize that there is a higher power, source energy flowing through everything and everyone. These are old outdated beliefs from a time where angels and light beings were banned from people‘s lives.

We are living in different times now and it is time for you to let go of those old beliefs and know that there’s always helpers surrounding you.

In this course you will get to know those helpers, us Archangels, more closely. We are introducing ourselves and telling you what we can help you with and who you can call on regarding which issue or topic.

We really wish to make life easier for you and to support you even more in your everyday life. Please accept our offer and join this course.

Much love and blessings,
The Archangels



November 21 – December 2, 2022


The Topics We’ll Cover …

  • Morning and Evening Clearing and Grounding practices with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters

  • Calling on and Working With Archangel:

    • Michael – Protection, Technical issues, Cord Cutting, Energy Clearing

    • Jophiel – Beauty, Fun, Thinking/Words

    • Uriel – Manifesting dreams, Grounding, Enjoying life, Claircognizance

    • Haniel – Intuition, Sensitivity, Heart-based decision making, Moon cycles

    • Ariel – Animals, Nature, Manifesting dreams & material resources, Courage

    • Raziel – Spiritual insights, Visions, Clairvoyance

    • Raphael – Healing, Travel, Matchmaking, Healers/Doctors/Therapists

    • Metatron – Life Purpose, Life Path, Passion, Matchmaking

    • Sandalphon – Music, Prayer, Soft Changes

    • Nathaniel – Major life changes, Clearing blocks, attachments, distractions, Raise vibration

    • Chamuel – Love, Self-love, Unconditional love, Soul family

    • Gabriel – Creativity, Passions, Clarity, Commitments, Writers/Artists

    • Raguel – Harmony in Relationships, Clairsentience, Intuition

    • Azrael – Passing of Souls, Grief, Coaches/ Life Coaches/Spiritual Coaches/Card Readers

    • Zadkiel – Intuition, Guidance, Clairaudience


This 10 Day Online Experience Includes …

10 Days of all new content from 15 Archangels channeled by Antje

10 Daily Tasks to incorporate them into your life

An ebook with all content

Private Email Exchange with Antje


All this for just 111 Euro

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Review Working With Archangels Course

“The Archangels Course helped me very much. I was already familiar with some Angels, but not with all of them, and I haven’t worked with all of them that intensely. Your daily impulses were wonderfully clear. I copied the prayers and impulses as notes into my cell phone, so that I can call them up in between during the day, if I need them. That works great! I also like your clear and straightforward language.

And it works. I continue to do Alignment Prayer and Evening Clearing every day and I notice the changes. On the one hand, I feel more connected and at the same time grounded and more and more often sometimes small, sometimes larger things / events happen in which the Angels are definitely involved. 

I feel their presence and support in certain things that have to be done or in encounters and I recognize more and more the signs that they send me when I have asked for support.

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience there too!”

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