Social Media Coaching

I frequently receive the feedback that my Instagram feed is one of the best people see or that it is filled with loving energy and they really love it or that I am one of the few real people to be found here.

Yet I hardly follow any of the rules that I came across when I started to learn about social media and that are still being taught. I follow and do what feels right for me. I am as open and authentic as I can be. I am very intuitive with all I do and that includes social media. I am very strict about keeping negativity and negative people out and I frequently remove people and companies from my following that don’t feel good for me.

With the experience I have, I offer Social Media Coaching for spiritual entrepreneurs, healers, solopreneurs. My approach is based on the energies in your business and on your social media channels. I use my intuitive abilities to assess whether your social media channel and how you present yourself is in alignment with what I see in your business and in your personality or what changes need to be made.

I offer you a plan for how you can change and increase engagement and following while I also emphasize that social media for me is not about collecting followers. I give you practical advice on how to clear the energies in your business and social media and if necessary I let you go through my Energy Clearing Course as part of the coaching.

Because anything you do on social media needs persistence, I offer Social Media Coaching as a 12 weeks program. These 12 weeks will be divided into 3 parts of 4 weeks and you will receive a new action plan every 4 weeks depending on what‘s needed next.


Price total: 3.003 Euro
Payment in advance.

Client Review

I highly recommend connecting with Antje Roggemann Medium.I am currently receiving her Social Media Coaching and I’m starting my third week. I already have much more confidence. And I am seeing more engagement including unexpected increase in sales on both my pages.

I was looking for the right Intuitive Coach who was in alignment with angelic work to guide me in this world of social media and my angels led me to Antje.

Contact me

If you are interested to work with me for your business and social media, please email or DM me.


For everyone who is currently only using Facebook for your new business, I can tell you from my experience that if you want to be successful and attract clients /customers with social media, you need to be on Instagram as well. Facebook is too slow. If you want to be successful with Facebook only, you will have to invest a lot of money in advertising.

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