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Mentoring Sessions

Mentoring Sessions with Angel Symbols

These are for adults or children / teenagers who are experiencing the development of psychic or mediumship abilities, sensitivities, seeing Angels or energies, suddenly knowing things about others, feeling “too much”, going through phases of spiritual and personal development and need support.

As someone who is clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognisant, clairvoyant, sees Angels, navigates through feeling and is a medium and channel, I have gone through all these experiences too. I understand the challenges and fears it can bring. And I want to support you through those stages of your development.

Mentoring sessions are a way for you to talk about your experiences and for me to help you with the information, tools and skills you need to successfully master this phase and enjoy your abilities.

It makes sense to commit yourself to a longer period of working with me. It took me 8 years to really get to know my abilities and learn how to use them. It is important that you understand that you will always learn more about yourself and your abilities and sensitivities throughout your whole life. So there really is no end to this development. There is no end goal.

I suggest to work together for at least 6 months or even 12. That’s something you need to feel into as we go along the journey. I would suggest a session every 21-30 days.

I will support your development with Angel Symbols by Ingrid Auer. Angel Symbols are energized symbols and basically the chosen Angel or Angel Group will be working with you the whole time. The topics behind the symbols help to understand the background topics of what you are working on or through right now. I will talk about those with you in the session. I will choose one or more Angel Symbols in every session which will be put on your name and birthday for the whole time until the next session. That way blockages can be released, your energy field is being cleared and change can happen more easily and effectively.

Mentoring Sessions are 99 Euro for an hour. Teenagers who pay their sessions themselves can suggest a different price to me.
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