Antje Roggemann Medium

Guardian Angels Channeling

Your Guardian Angels are your personal Angels. They are only there for you and will not go to anyone else. They are with your soul, your being throughout all your lifetimes and in between. They want to help and guide you. So, work with them daily. Get to know them. Ask for their names and a message from them and use it as a start to a closer relationship with your Guardian Angels. This is also wonderful for children to develop a relationship with their Guardian Angels early on in life and always have them as their friends at their side.

  • I channel the names of your Guardian Angels and a message from them for you.
  • I need your full name and birthday to do this. Also a question you might want to ask your Guardian Angels. 
  • This can also be done for your children.
  • Available in English & German.

Price: 66€

Email only

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Choose “Send to friends”, so that I don’t pay fees.



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