Antje Roggemann Medium

Guardian Angel Channeling

Guardian Angel Channeling

I channel the names of your Guardian Angels and a loving message from them for you.


Guardian Angel Channeling for Children & Unborn Babies

If you would like to know the names of the Guardian Angels of your child or children or unborn child and receive a message from them, please contact me.

For children:
I need your child’s name, birthday, a photo and your email address.

For unborn children:
I need your name and that of your spouse, both your birthdays and a photo of each of you as well as an email address.


64 Euro

Payment link: PayPal.Me/AntjeRoggemann/64

Please choose Euro as currency when you make the payment.


  1. You book your channeling by making the payment through the given payment link.
  2. Please also give me your full name and birthday in the booking or send them to me separate via email to
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