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Business Planning Course

During this course you will map out your business, your products, your prices, how and where to market yourself, who your customers are, what your financial goals are which are always estimations. At the end of the four weeks you should have a finished plan.

You are not doing this alone. This course is all about writing a business plan with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, letting them help you and work through you, channeling your plan and your business.



You can take this course anytime you want.


The Topics We’ll Cover …

  • Morning, Day and Evening Clearing and Alignment practices with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, because your energy sets the tone for your business

  • What chapters and information exactly need to be in a business plan with questions to ask yourself

  • Prayers to invoke Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and special Business Angels to help you with your business plan

  • Channeling your prices with the Angels

  • How to visualize success

  • How to clear limiting beliefs around your business and success

  • How to clear out old beliefs about making money and selling your products/services

  • Assigning yourself a new self-worth regularly

  • Social Media Marketing, Marketing

  • Newsletter, Mailchimp, Website

  • Showing yourself on camera

  • Setting boundaries in your business

  • Communicating with your Customers & Followers


This 20 Day Online Experience Includes …

  • A guidebook on how to create your business plan, what needs to be in it

    (business idea, legal form, market & situation, your customers, marketing, sales, your products & services, pricing, communication, financing, chances & risks)

  • A business plan template in Word which you can use to write your business plan

  • Tables for calculations in Excel (Private Financial Requirements, Capital Requirements, Profitability and Liquidity Planning).

    The tables are available in English and in German with all the specifics for German businesses.

  • 20 Days of teachings from me or Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters via email

  • 20 Daily tasks, questions or prayers via email

  • An ebook with all the information from the daily emails


Your results:

  • A finished business plan.

  • You know the products and services you want to create.

  • You know the prices you need to charge and the money you need to invest to get started.

  • You know where to market yourself and which actions you need to take for that.



288 Euro



Make your payment through this payment link:

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This course can be taken anytime individually. Just let me know when you want to start.

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